An increasing amount of the content used on media channels is gathered by freelancers, with many putting themselves in harms way to get the “piece”. Whether in the aftermath of a natural disaster or in a conflict zone a lack of planning can have catastrophic consequences. Safety awareness training for freelancers should be a high priority for both individuals and the organisations using their skills/content.

Our FOCUS- [Freelancers Operating in Challenging & Uncertain Situations] Safety Awareness Training for freelancers course is designed to set the foundations of good safety practice for this fluid working group.

This one day Media Safety Awareness Course covers both ends of the task, pre-deployment and the possible after effects of covering natural disasters or wars.

The course can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of the delegates but typically covers:


Pre-assignment considerations

Assessing risk- what level of risk should I be happy with?

What is my personal resilience?

Completing risk assessments

Kit and equipment requirements

Insurance considerations: personal & equipment

Leaving a trail- what happens if something bad occurs

Being there and staying safe

Information security: written and electronic [including social media]

Medical requirements: personal health issues; travel health; first aid kit contents [and their use]

Safety awareness training for freelancers

Emergency planning: ¬†what if someone is injured; what if I’m ill; I’m lost; what should someone do if I’m overdue [and what is overdue?].

Post traumatic stress

What is Post traumatic stress [PTS]; when is it PTS; why does it happen; why are media workers affected.

How to recognise PTS: in colleagues; in contributors; in yourself.

Coping strategies: for colleagues; for contributors; for yourself.

Interviewing victims of trauma.

Sources of help: free; at cost.

How is the training run?

All training is conducted to reflect in house policies and procedures and/or equipment.

Starting with a deployment to the fictional state of Kriegistan, you will plan your trip, consider potential scenarios during a deployment and potential consequences of your trip.

All training is designed to be interactive and personalised for each delegate attending.

The course is designed to promote good practice in the media sector, particulary amongst the freelancer community. Many of the topics covered in this course can be expanded upon with further training available.

The course has been designed to reflect the Creative Skillset National Occupational Standards J40 Work in challenging or hostile environments.

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